The Women's Network at VCU
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VCU fellows to participate in upcoming Senior Leadership Seminar

Congratulations to our VCU fellows, Diedre Condit and Lynn Pelco for being selected to participate in the 2016-2017 American Council on Education Women’s Network Senior Leadership Seminar.

Left: Deirdre Condit, Ph.D., Chair, Political Science and Associate Professor

Right: Lynn Pelco, Ph.D., Associate Vice Provost for Community Engagement


To read more about these participants click here

Women's Network at VCU

The Women’s Network at VCU is part of a larger organization called the Virginia Network.  In 1977, Virginia was one of 12 states that participated in the American Council on Education—Office of Women in Higher Education’s National Identification Program, designed to promote the advancement of women in higher education.  The program has expanded and changed its vision and scope, and incorporated two more name changes, over the last 30 years, but Virginia has remained committed to the OWHE goals.  In 1999, the Virginia program, in accordance with a national-level name change, became the Virginia Network. The Virginia Network became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2010.

The Virginia Network is designed to promote women's leadership in higher education and society; to create an educational, social, and political climate in which women can participate equally with men; to facilitate connections among women in various sectors with shared goals; and to foster strategic alliances and facilitate effective partnerships between women and men in the workplace. For more information about the ACE Virginia Network please visit their website at

The mission of the Virginia Network is to identify, develop, advance, and support women in higher education at the national, state, and local levels. The Virginia Network is coordinated by a statewide Executive Board. Local networks at individual universities and colleges are coordinated by Institutional Representatives (IRs).

 The state coordinator for the Virginia Network Executive Board is:

Patty O’ Toole